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Slitesterk veske til bilstol (Car seat)

Slitesterk veske til paraply trille. (Ministroller)

Slitesterk veske til Barnevogn (Pram)

Slitesterk veske til kombibarnevogn / sammenleggbar barnevogn (stroller/pram)

Slitesterk veske til sammenleggbar Tvillingvogn (Twinstroller)

Golf Saken (golf flightcase)

Flightcase til sykkel

Rullestol veske

Flightcase til sykkel


Bicycle flightcase


Our bicycle flightcases are of high quality  and are made of hard plastic with foam inside the flightcase.


The bicycle flightcase has handles and wheels so it is easy to transport.


Please remember that you will have to dismantle your bike to a certain degree as it will not fit in the flight case otherwise.


In order to pack down your bicycle into the flightcase please follow the instructions which you will receive from Airshells upon request.


There will not be any keys to lock the flightcase as Customs has to be able to inspect inside.


The measurements are: L 108cm (bottom of the flightcase) 82cm (top of the flightcase), W34cm and H 82cm.

The weight is 12 kg.


For racing bikes - please check dimensions above

368 NOK for første uke eller en vei
85 NOK for eftf. uker

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